Chloe Lukasiak: A Talent for the Ages

She absolutely stunned us with her graceful movements, poised demeanor, and impeccable numbers. We have followed her journey since the age of 9, watching her blossom and flourish into one of the most talented dancers in the nation. Through thick and thin we have supported her, guided her, and advocated for her, knowing that in every form of the way, she deserved every second of our attention. Chloe Lukasiak, Dance Mom alumni and National Title winner, is certainly something special.


Beginning at the age of two, dance has taken a prominent place in Ms. Lukasiak’s life. For twelve years, she took to dance, displaying beautiful form and incredible passion. We were able to watch a glimpse of her journey beginning in 2011, as the young talent became one of the fan-favorites of the ever-so-popular Lifetime show, Dance Moms. That journey, however, was not completely smooth, resulting in her departure in 2014. Yet as we can view from some of the greats, people who have achieved far beyond what life allows for most, the journey is often a winding path filled with barricades of the greatest stature. Ms. Lukasiak can certainly power through every one.

All of the masters begin at a certain point, even Leonardo Da Vinci has had to have held a paintbrush for the first time. So where did her journey, her masterpiece begin? “I was two. My mom just put me in dance class because she thought every little girl took dance!”

The majority of two year olds are still beginning to learn cognitive functions and she was already beginning her career – how impressive, indeed. Yet, as a toddler, none surely know what interests they wish to pursue. When was it that she decided dancing was it, that is was the sport she was meant to do? “Probably around eight. I have tried a bunch of other sports along the way and it was always dance that I wanted to be doing.”

And as we all know from one of our favorite guilty pleasure, Dance Moms, Ms. Lukasiak was one of the star dancers, a definite fan-favorite. What was her experience at the Abby Lee Dance Company like? “I was two. I met Paige on the first day of class and we were best friends from the start. I was an only child for eight years, but I was incredibly close to my dance friends so they were like sisters.”

At the age of nine, it must be incredibly surreal to be immersed in the entertainment industry. The glitz and the glam can be quite exciting for such a young star. What seemed to be her favorite memory of the unique experience? “Probably getting to travel with my friends and see and experience some really cool stuff together. It was crazy to go from just a regular dance group, who had known each other for years, to all of a sudden being recognized all over the world.”

Yet it comes in such an unfortunate case that not every experience can last for a lifetime. As I have said before, barricades occur on the path of your aspirations, and Ms. Lukasiak chose to leave Dance Moms. If she could go back, to change anything in the past, would she? “Nope. Everything happens for a reason and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.” And are there any regrets about leaving the studio?
“No, it was no longer a good place for me. I am so much happier at my new studio, Studio 19. Does she miss it? “I miss the friendships and they way they used to be.”

With the noticeable talent that Ms. Lukasiak is in possession of, it certainly would be somewhat of a crime to allow her potential and craft to go to waste. Is she dancing at another studio now? “I’m dancing at an amazing studio! It’s called Studio 19 Dance Complex. I feel like I am learning so much and I’m challenged in so many new ways.”

Often times, it is difficult to find yourself in a new position, balancing between the past and the present. How does she feel about her position now? Is there any difference? “The big difference with Studio 19 is that it is a very positive environment, but the dancers are amazing. I feel like we all thrive with some positive reinforcement.”

It surely has been quite the journey, filled with incredible bonds and wonderful memories. What resonates the most with her, what serves as some of her favorite memories? “I think everything! Dance Moms started when I was very young (nine) so I’ve basically grown up in a crazy, weird situation. It has helped define who I am and it will always be a part of who I am: dances, trips, modeling shoots, etc.”

With the talent she is in possession of, the potential the fills her, where does Ms. Lukasiak hope to take her dance career? Are there any further aspirations beyond the world of dance? “I don’t know! There are so many things I want to do. I want to act. I want to dance. I want to be an attorney, maybe a doctor? But definitely a mom.”

Well surely, a talent as such, the world is an oyster for her taking, an opportunity at every turn. Where does she perhaps see herself in 5 or even 10 years? “That is the hardest question for me to answer. I’m 14, so my answer changes daily. I can’t imagine my life without dance. It’s as much a part of me as breathing.”

And true passion is something that life is filled with, for life without a passion is just aimless actions. With her passion, there must be numerous projects that she is working on. “I have a few really cool things coming up, but they haven’t been officially announced yet, so I don’t think I can say! I’m so sorry! Just keep checking out my social media! Announcements are coming there! And don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel. You can still catch me dancing every Tuesday! It’s 33troijka.”

What a joy it is to know that there lies passion in a soul as such. Chloe Lukasiak is something to marvel at and I do hope that everyone takes notice, that they pay close attention to the accomplishments already achieved and the future aspirations that Ms. Lukasiak has. She will certainly go far and beyond the expectations of many and most certainly, even the expectations of herself.



8 thoughts on “Chloe Lukasiak: A Talent for the Ages

  1. Chloe you are an amazing young lady a beautiful dancer and should be proud of your achievements. Hoping to see you in Australia in July. I would love to bring my granddaughters to meet you

  2. I have watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady and dancer. I enjoy watching her video’s. She has always been my favorite.

  3. I love chloe is is the best dancer ever!! She is my inspiration! Watching her dance makes me happy when I’m sad so all I want to say to Chloe is..
    THANK YOU!!!
    and I love you!!
    #TeamChloe #TeamChloe4Life

  4. So beautiful and so talented. I will always miss her dancing with the ADLC but I think the choice to move on was the best one she could have made. Wishing her a wonderful life and career.

  5. Chloe is an amazing young lady! With all the challenges and disappointments she has been through, she still came out on top! Keep Soaring Sweetie!

  6. chloe is such an amazing dancer, shes so pretty and nice, and she is already really successful and will be even more successful in the future in whatever she does! She will always be my favorite dancer and i love her so much!

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