Chase Denison: Shady Business

Throw away the Ray-bans, discard your Oakleys, and snap your Maui Jim’s, because this rising-star has some new shades for you.


In fact, calling Raleigh-native, Chase Denison, a rising-star, might be a bit redundant, for his mark has been placed on the world for quite sometime now. Mr. Denison is the founder and creator of Vybe, a customizable sunglasses company, completely unique in itself. Soon to be on his way to New York to study International Business and Investment Banking at NYU’s Stern College of Business, he was able to squeeze some time out of his busy schedule to give some insight into his extraordinary company.

So, how did this amazing idea even originate? “The day before my older brother was graduating from high school, our relatives were in town. Of course, my grandmother wanted to take us shopping. We went to the Oakley store at the mall. I walked in looking for a very specific pair of Oakley Frogskins that were 100% matte black. I learned in the store that all their Frogskins at the time had a white logo, and weren’t available in any “matte” color shade. When I asked a sales rep about what I was looking for, the store manager overheard me and came over to us. He told me they actually just got two or three “misprinted” Frogskins that weren’t on the floor for sale because they were misprinted. He said he would go grab them from the back, and they were 100% all matte black, even the logo. He said he could sell them to me “under the table” because they weren’t supposed to be for sale since the Oakley factory misprinted them, but he just charged me the same price as the other Frogskins. In total, they were $160, because I wanted polarized lenses too. When he was checking me out at the register, I asked if they happened to have any all matte white shades in the back, and he told me no, having these misprinted all matte black shades were rare enough, because Oakley normally doesn’t send out misprints. He told me maybe you can email an Oakley rep with your ideas because they are always looking for “young gun designers”. I went on their website and I was already familiar with their “Custom Shades” but they still didn’t have what I wanted on their, so I emailed a rep. They replied with a cliche form letter saying something along the lines of like “Hey Chase Denison, sorry, but we don’t take special requests from random people”…basically I was a nobody so they had no interest in making me a special pair. At that moment, the idea just came to me, the epiphany moment. One of my Uncle’s was in town, who owns a yacht brokerage, so he has the entrepreneurial blood running through his veins as well. Since, he is also young, he understood the idea, and that night we spent hours working on the design, even though neither of us had any engineer experience. By the end of the night before my brother’s graduation, we had countless sketches of the idea sitting on my kitchen table. He recommended me a site called oDesk, (basically a Craigslist for design services), to seek an engineer outside the US because it’s cheaper.

And thus, Vybe was born. But Mr. Denison was just a High School student…how did he even know where to begin an entire company? “I looked up “product development/design raleigh” in google. Came across a place called “The Product Farm”. I met with the owner, Fredrik, who has been a great help to me since this very day. He’s never charged me a dime for anything, and has always just been wanting to help wherever he can. I told him about my Uncle mentioning oDesk, and he said go for it! So, I interviewed various engineers, and settled with one from Canada who made the design. Took about 7 3D printed prototypes (site called Shapeways) to get it done, but after about 1.5 years, I had the final design. After that, we settled on a factory overseas, and paid for the injection mold, and they sent us the final product. Now, the glasses are in full production.”

Such incredible ambition and knowledge. Safe to say that I would have been lost just purchasing the sunglasses, but nonetheless, it is a fantastic idea. So, how do these sunglasses work? “Glasses are fully customizable and interchangeable unlike anything on the market. The ears, arms, frame, and lenses all can be interchanged with various colors. Most sunglasses just have interchangeable lenses, and a handful of brands let you change the entire side arm/temple, but no one has added the earpieces and put all 6 of these pieces together. Not to mention, no tools are required.”

Absolutely brilliant. And so when will I be able to purchase some of these magic glasses? “We have been in talks with numerous investors, and are in final negotiations with a pair of them, that we are hopefully signing the operating agreement early next week actually which is very exciting. We are getting a big capital investment, and giving up equity. One of the investors is actually a former Maui Jim Sunglasses Global Controller for 10 years. He started at Maui Jim when they were at about $8-9M in revenue, and left at upwards of $200M, so we have someone who has already been in the space on our side. We did a crowdfunding campaign and raised over $13,500 which is where we paid the down payment for the factory to start production, and part of the investment will cover the rest. We should have the glasses by the end of July, and be fully operational at that point!”

Well, I will be anxiously checking their website, till then. It seems as though Mr. Denison has this entire company panned out perfectly. What are his aspirations to come? “We see this thing growing like crazy, especially in the college/high school markets. Different colleges all have different colors, and our glasses seem to fit in well with that market, price range, and style. We have high hopes for the company, but in 3-5 years we could be bought out, license the technology (patent pending), or just keep growing the Vybe brand. We have a ton of ideas in the works that I would prefer not to share about the company and its ideas, but some really cool stuff is in the works, and we don’t want to sell just sunglasses, we want to become a BRAND.”

With that tenacity, that drive, and that knowledge, I’m sure Mr. Denison is going to go above and beyond his expectations. In fact, his talent is already being recognized. “We’ve been invited to Sundance, MTV VMAs, Oscars/Academy’s, Nick Teen Choice, and the BETs. We’ve also been featured in various news outlets. At the Charlotte Venture Challenge (largest startup competition in the southeast) we placed second in undergraduate ventures, and pitched the idea in front of corporate reps and 100+ investors. Immediately, after pitching at the Char. Venture Challenge, this organization who runs a “summer startup accelerator/incubator” offered us a spot even though applications closed months ago. We got a ton of interest from that event, plus I was the youngest person there, still being in high school at the time.”

All of this success, this planning, and he just graduated from High School. Not to mention, Mr. Denison abandoned a profitable, a $40,000 profitable, clothing line he had created his freshman year. Juggling school, companies, sports (soon to be playing on NYU’s NCAA Baseball Team), and the sudden death of his father, it is incredible as to how determined and ambitious Mr. Denison has remained. The product will be out soon to purchase on his website, but in the meantime, like their page on Facebook, and keep an eye on this star to be.

Montana Anderson: Southern Heartthrob

Sculpted biceps, rock-hard abs, and a face to melt any heart, Montana Anderson is bringing the heat to the south.

alex_marin_photography-rise_models_agency (1 of 1)-2

A Cleveland raised boy turned southerner, Montana Anderson is a sight to behold (but with those chiseled biceps, I’m guessing you already knew that). Yes, this now-southern beaut is taking Savannah, Georgia, studying Fashion Design at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and managing to model in his spare time, no big deal. I got to know Mr. Anderson when he took the time out and answered some questions about his oh-so-intensive life.

First things first, he’s a fraud. Who’s this ‘Tyler’ person and why does he have a place in his email? “Tyler is a generic name, Montana is interesting and catches some attention. Plus, it made social media names somewhat easier to come up with!”

Creative, different, definitely useful characteristics in the fashion world, a world that many people aspire to be in. What were his aspirations? “I’ve always aspired to model, but at first, it was a just a whatever dream. But, I always had older people questioning me about it, so I started pursuing even more and now its starting to pay off.”

It certainly is paying off, with jobs becoming more abundant to him each day. What was his first modeling job like? “My first real shoot was for South Magazine, which is based in Savannah, Ga. I wasn’t really nervous, because I’ve shot with the photographer before and I’ve done plenty of test shoots before hand! It was just really exciting to know it was going to be published in a magazine. And actually, some people recognized me from it, while I was at work.”

And with a face like that, who wouldn’t recognize him? Will we be seeing him in any other work, any time soon? “Not at the moment, but things are happening and I might have some in the near future!I’ve done a lot of work with SCAD designers, which is about it.”

Well, with such major success in store for modeling, is there any chance in branching out? “I am a design major, so I want to branch off into creating clothes for people who have my body type: tall and slender, who can’t seem to find clothes at fit properly.”

I think I speak for all when I say that finding clothes that fit properly is like finding the holy grail, so I must commend Mr. Anderson on that. Wow, so much ambition, it’s hard to imagine what type of goals he has for the future. “One of my aspirations with modeling is to inspire others, really. Coming from a small town, I want to show that a dream can come true if you stick with it.”

“Sticking with it” is definitely something that Montana Anderson should do, especially if he hopes to one day work with H&M. But that dream is surely possible with the talent he possesses and the drive he holds. Hats off to you, Mr. Anderson, and my anticipation grows, as does my excitement, to one day see you in brands across the world.


Jesse Mars: Out of This World

With a look out of this world (and a body for that matter), Jesse Mars is making his mark in pure, sultry style.


This New York native has kept himself quite busy over the years, modeling for various companies and boutiques, as well as, interning for multiple operations. Through it all, it’s surprising that he manages to accomplish everything to his full potential, while still enrolling in Fashion Merchandising at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and maintaining his incredible physique. But, even with his full schedule, I was still able to press him for questions about his fantastically chaotic life.

Well, with a face like that and a body to match, it must have been inevitable that he was going to end up as a model, right?  “Modeling was definitely not something I went searching for. It took me by surprise. If you were to tell me even two years ago that I’d be where I am today I’d say you’re crazy. Through high school, family, friends, customers, and even complete strangers would tell me that I have a face for the runway and I should pursue modeling. It wasn’t until I went away for college that I found myself in front of the camera.”

It’s quite surprising that he had never imagined himself as a model, yet that just makes for an even better story. So, how did his career even come about then? “As I was walking through the mall, the manager of Abercrombie & Fitch stopped me and asked me if I would consider working for them. I never felt I had the look for magazines or the runway, but I figured there must be something people see in me and I’ve learned to never miss an opportunity that’s given to me, so of course, I said yes and took the job as a model for Abercrombie.”

Ah, Abercrombie. I think we’ve all found ourselves gazing at the models, at some point, as we pass by the store, too intimidated to actually step foot inside. Yet, Mr. Mars definitely had the courage to do so. “Abercrombie was really when I began to build some self-confidence in myself. Customers would often tell me I looked like a mannequin and that I was a perfect representation of the brand. My store manager would have to take pictures of her store models and send them to corporate for cast-of, which were the models that best represented the brand and store. We’d pose in the back of the store like the models you find on Abercrombie & Fitch marketing including strict specifications such as cuffing pants, rolling sleeves, wearing sandals, and taking several shirtless pictures as well.  These pictures were sent to Corporate where they would choose model’s to represent that store and the brand as a whole for the upcoming seasons.”

So, Abercrombie is the start, but what was the first ‘official’ modeling job? “My first modeling ‘job’ was for a small boutique in upstate New York. I was shooting for the upcoming Fall/Winter lookbook. The set was small and calm and it was an amazing first experience. The photographer and everyone on set was extremely friendly and helpful for my first official photo shoot. It helped me get comfortable in front of the camera and let loose around strangers rather than my friends.”

Well, as for the modeling aspect, I believe the pictures speak for themselves. They can take him wherever his aspirations are. “A dream modeling job for me would probably be the opportunity to open for a fashion house like Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabanna or designers Calvin Klein and Michael Kors at fashion week.”

Quite large goals, yet definitely attainable with the talent he possesses. That talent, however, has not only taken him behind the camera, but directly to the heart of the business, as well. “I’ve had the opportunity to intern for two companies.  My first internship was with a boutique in Saratoga called Jackson Rebel. It was owned by my best friend who I actually met while working for Abercrombie.  He took me under his wings and showed me everything he knew about the industry. He basically handed me the reigns to the company and told me to hold on, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I prepared online orders for clients and updated inventory. Learned essential techniques to running a small business such as price points, marketing, and maximizing sales. I would create my own concept boards and assist with the photo shoots for upcoming seasons. My favorite part of interning for Jackson Rebel was traveling down and spending a few days in New York City each season attending trade shows to purchase garments for upcoming seasons. Seeing clothes I would buy at the trade shows being sold at the boutique really brought a sense of pride and accomplishment to my work.

As for the second internship? “I have also interned for my cousin in-law who was the owner of a modern luxury women’s brand, Jordan Wolk. Headquartered in the heart of the garment district, this was a phenomenal experience. I would run errands throughout the Garment District, collecting finished garments from shops and factories and transporting merchandise to prepare for upcoming shorts, events, and conferences.  I helped with the Fall 2013 lookbook photo shoot. It was fascinating to watch everything that happens behind the scenes. The designers were focused on how they wanted each shot to look, the make up artists would jump in when they felt something had to be adjusted, and the photographer Jodi Jones was amazing at communicating with the models to have the best shots imaginable.”

So ambitious, so dedicated. There are bright things in store for Mr. Mars, but what does he imagination for himself?  “I’m looking forward to seeing where this road leads me. I won’t limit myself or set boundaries to anything and am anxious to see not only what New York City has to offer me, but also what I can bring to the table. Upon graduating from the Fashion institute of Technology I hope to begin my own menswear line. It will be very All-American especially when it comes to manufacturing. It has always been something very important to me when I think of my future in the fashion industry. While it is less expensive to produce garments across seas in sweat shops I would rather not cut corners for higher profits. I believe that by investing in America, America will invest in me. As for the design of the line, it will be very ivy-league inspired with a modern, edgy inspiration. But that’s years down the road…one thing at a time right?”

Right indeed, yet I’m sure the road Jesse Mars is on will be moving past quite quickly, for with his skills, ambitions, and Adonis-esque looks, the world is his oyster. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Mr. Mars, but if I can guess one thing, it is a bright future, a very bright future, indeed.


Betts and Chet DeHart: The Lucid Twins

Double the trouble, double the fun, and definitely double the creativity, these two twins are taking on the world together, in style.

Bett, Chett, Jonah

Twins Betts Powell DeHart and Chet Howell DeHart (seen above with partner Jonah Levine) are like your average teenagers, only with their own clothing and footwear company. Yes, these two twins, founders of Lucid Footwear and Clothing (LucidFC), are two, quite extraordinary individuals, soon to be heading to New York City all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. Both the DeHarts, along with Levine, will be studying at the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (LIM) College, where Betts will be studying marketing with an entrepreneur concentration and Chet in fashion merchandising with a retailing concentration. Humorous, talented, and on their way to success, I was lucky enough to be able to get to know these two rising stars.

So, how did LucidFC originate?  “Lucid FC (Lucid Footwear and Clothing) originated back in 2010 when we decided we needed to take advantage of our two powers and gifts! We both loved shoes and clothing! Betts is very good at selling them and Chet is very good at trend spotting. We both design the clothing and footwear. It was absolutely a joint plan, like everything we do. We are close twins!”

Ambitious, I like it. But how did two teenagers from Atlanta know even where to start? “We really did not know where to begin. We began contacting overseas manufactures, but that was very slow. After time, we got a lot of help from brand/store owners and we expanded.”

Eventually, they figured out the tricks of the trade. But, I’m guessing it took a while to learn. How were the early years?“We’ve been around since 2010, but no clothing was actually produced until 2011-2012.  Years and years went into trying to produce shoes, we had two pairs released,  and those two were very, very limited.”

From the looks of it, the DeHarts are two very stylish young men. Does this translate to their products? “We aim towards the streetwear crowd. We want them to take off their depressing, ugly graphic tees and put on a clean respectable top. Maybe it’s a t-shirt or a button down. We also like for all our items to be very open in a sense that any one of any style group could mix it in with their own little style.”

The designs look incredible. All that hard work came from the DeHart’s and their partner, Mr. Jonah Levine. What’s his story? “We met him online when were about 13 or 14 years old. He became involved in 2011-2012, when we needed help naming one of our products. Little did we know, in late 2013, he became a part of the brand. He helps us the same way we help each other. All three of us get along very well! Us three do it all, basically.”

Well, the three entrepreneurs have conquered so much (recognized by their interviews in Mass Appeal and Esquire). What goals could they possibly have for the future? “Our goals at the moment are to keep more in stock, I’m not sure if I should be saying that, but oh well! We want to have it where the customers can buy selected items until the next season is available. We also want to head up to NYC and maintain all of our brand’s personality, but also add more to it.  We have been very minimalistic, timeless, and aesthetic, which is what we want. We are planning on adding more cut-and-sewn items, along with improving our advertisement.”

So much success has been built from the DeHart twins’ hard work, determination, and tenacity, which poses the grand ol’ question: would the dynamic duo ever go solo? “We will never fly solo! The three of us work very well together and all three of us plan on all staying together. We want to do more than just a clothing label. We want to own tea bars, nightclubs, and more!”

And there you have it, the next big twin craze. As of today, the lookbook for the summer season has been released, with the summer selection opening to the public on June 18th. All can be found at their website. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I look forward to what the DeHart’s and Mr. Levine have to offer. They’re leaving their mark on the world, one graphic tee at a time.


Alessa Pomerantz: The New Aphrodite

Step aside Aphrodite, there is a new beauty in town and she goes by the name of Alessa Pomerantz.


Yes, this gorgeous gal, soon to make the move from Bernardsville, New Jersey to The Big Apple, is stealing the show, breaking hearts, and dazzling crowds. With a face like that, though, can you really be surprised? Luckily, I was given the privilege to feature Ms. Pomerantz and find out about her loving family, Victoria Secret Model aspirations, and her battle with an unfortunate height.

Judging from the natural beauty she possesses, it should almost be instinctual that modeling was what she was meant to do, right? “When I was little I wanted to be an actress. I went to a few casting calls but never heard anything back, so I realized acting wasn’t really my thing. As I got older though, my desire to be in front of the camera only grew. I would flip through magazines wishing I was one of the models. I thought to myself, “if they can do that, why can’t I?” That’s how it all began, I just didn’t know where to start!”

So maybe it wasn’t her first calling, but she went with it, and I’m sure that she was a natural at it, right off the bat. “My first modeling job was with my brother’s friend, Ben Britz. My brother asked me to bring a guitar to his friend in Brooklyn and in exchange Ben and his wife Elizabeth would do a photo-shoot with me. I was so scared but I figured “hey, why not, this is the start I need!” After everything was set up, I got in front of the camera and froze. I had no idea what to do, I felt so awkward. Luckily, Ben and Elizabeth were incredibly sweet and worked with me until I got more used to posing. We got some great shots that day!”

So, it may have been an awkward start, but at least she found her calling. So, have we seen her on Dior, Chanel, or any other names to knock our socks off? “My modeling career so far has been focused around building my portfolio.”

Ah, a new face, that’s refreshing. Who has she worked with then? “I’ve worked with some amazing photographers! Kurt Von Weisenstein, Chris DeLorenzo, Jill O’Brien, and Ben Britz to name a few. They’ve helped me learn and grow as a model. I wouldn’t have such great pictures if it weren’t for them.”

Well, with such stunning photos as those, it’s not hard to imagine that she’ll have any difficulty in the modeling world. “Well, I would love to get signed by an agency, but being only 5’3” makes it really difficult to be taken seriously as a model. I want to break the stereotype that all models are super tall and skinny. I know I won’t be walking a runway anytime soon, but I would love to do catalog work.”

Breaking down the firmly-set walls of the modeling world is an incredibly large feat, but if anyone is to do it, I’m sure Ms. Pomerantz is our girl. What will the future have in store for her? “Besides becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel? I plan on going to NYU and modeling on the side. There are going to be so many more opportunities for me to model there. I’m hoping to make an impact in the world.”

There is not a doubt in my mind that that impact is imminent and once here, will last a lifetime. Alessa Pomerantz is an absolute delight with true beauty, a supportive family, and a secret love for learning. The world should be prepared for the mark she is about to leave, for she is here, and here to stay.


Alexis Zerafa: A Killer Force

“Have you ever killed a man?” I ask, searching for a great hook for this feature. “Not as far as anyone knows.”

Charismatic, brilliant, and apparently hiding some dangerous secret, Alexis Zerafa, founder of ZUZ NYC, is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

photoYes, this gorgeous gal, hailing all the way from Michigan, is interesting, to say the least. Majoring in Integrated Digital Media (smarty pants) at NYU, Ms. Zerafa will be making the move to Brooklyn, New York in the Fall, a trip she is overjoyed to be taking. And what better way to kick off a new chapter in her life than with her own clothing line? Most people buy cars or dye their hair (one of those she actually did) to transition into a new point in their life, yet Alexis decided to kick it up notch, taking the iconic skyline and changing its location.

Yet, this interest in her clothing line wasn’t a childhood dream, in fact, it was all quite sudden. “I was just playing around with some New York-inspired designs, because I hadn’t gotten any college apparel. I decided to spray paint a skyline onto a tank top and it turned out pretty nice. I posted it in the university Facebook group and it got so much attention, I decided to start a clothing line!

And who says Facebook is dying off? With all the attention she received, she even had to enlist the help of some additional workers. “I came up with the initial idea, but I needed as much help as I could get. I have a great team behind me.”

The designs do look quite amazing (see below), yet dawn NYU’s colors, purple and white. Do I spy some favoritism here? “We’re not affiliating ourselves with NYU at all. We want the company to grow enough to reach consumers outside the New York area and hope that it pays for our tuition.”

photo (1)Well, with the way they look, there shouldn’t be a problem with this entrepreneur, but maybe the brand should reach beyond women’s tanks? “The clothing won’t be geared toward a specific gender. So far, we are aiming towards tank tops, T-shirts, and V-necks. There’s a possibility of leggings and shorts being produced as well, but that is still in the works.

It seems as though Ms. Zerafa has this company all figured out, yet one thing still confuses me, in particular. The name. ZUZ NYC? “The name is a long story, but in short it comes from the name of an old Jewish coin and we really liked the sound of it, not much more to it!”

Well, from what I’ve seen, this little dynamo is coming in hot and soon to take New York in style. The website is soon to be released in a few months, yet you can still like the Facebook page and stay updated here. Alexis can’t contain her excitement to begin the next four years at NYU and we can’t wait to see what she has to bring to the table next.

Kirsten Stainer: The Jersey Girl Taking Paris

We’ve all heard of the beloved Jersey Boys, but I think it’s time to put down the mic and shine the spotlight on another Jersey inhabitant, Kirsten Stainer.


Yes, this beauty is tearing off her suburban ties and running full force into the world of fashion and what better city to do it in than Paris itself? Not only is her tenacity and brains (soon to be a NYU student) something to marvel and admire, but her recent internship with the Donna Karan Collection is something to catch your interest. Luckily enough, Kirsten was able to share some detail into the extraordinary experience she was able to partake in this past May, right in the heart of New York’s Garment District.

How did she covet the well-sought after internship? “I simply broadcast emailed fashion brands and companies from Max Mara to Barneys New York. I received a good number of replies, one of them being Donna Karan, something that certainly took me by surprise since it is one of the more notable brands I applied to.”

While obtaining the internship is certainly notable enough, Ms. Stainer worked solo on the act. “I earned this internship without any contacts whatsoever. I submitted my application to Human Resources just as any other candidate and went through multiple interviews.”

One would guess that after the pressures of applying had subsided and the golden gates of the fashion world opened to her, champagne and designers would come flowing out to dine with her, yet this wasn’t the case: “I earned an internship with the Public Relations department, a division which isn’t quite as glamorous as it may sound. It is extremely demanding…Fashion is an industry that never rests and PR embodies that attribute of fashion perfectly.”

Yes, indeed, Kirsten’s internship pulled her in multiple directions all at once, from garment pulls to caring for every stylist’s needs and whims, yet as grueling as some parts may have been, rewarding was it as well: “On my second day, I was already asked to assist at a photo shoot at the Stephan Weiss Studio in Greenwich Village. My boss simply gave me the garment bag meant for the stylist and right-hand woman to Donna, at the studio. She never told me who the shoot was for, but just gave me a little smile as she sent me off. I was ecstatic, nervous, and just had no idea what to expect. I arrive at the studio and meet the stylist at the door. She escorted me up to the shoot and as I turn the corner, there sits Donna Karan herself, locking eyes with me as I enter the room (sounds as if it was just out of a movie). Remaining as casual as possible, yet impossible to restrain my excitement from meeting one of the greatest innovators in women’s fashion, I shook Donna’s hand and was returned with a beaming smile.

There are some kind words that the lucky intern wants people to know: “If there is one thing that people should know about Donna The Woman as opposed to Donna The Designer, is that she is unbelievably genuine and amicable, anything but condescending. She expressed interest in who I was, where I was from, and what I wanted to pursue in fashion. I wasn’t just an intern in her eyes.”

The future is a shining beacon for Ms. Stainer, a beacon that guides her to NYU, to Paris, and beyond. From her signed copy of the 2011 September issue of Vogue, signed by the famed editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, she is inspired to cement her goals, to take on the world in fashion. “That signed copy of Vogue with Anna’s message, “Dear Kirsten, Best Wishes, Anna Wintour” symbolizes so much for me. Looking at it everyday motivates me to never stop trying in this industry, to strive to achieve my absolute greatest dream of becoming an editor at Vogue.

Tenacity, spunk, creativity, what more could you ask for in such a brilliant star such as Kirsten Stainer? Humanitarianism, maybe? Well, she already has that covered. “Apart from my goals in fashion, I also want to have ample time in my life to propel my work with charity…I want to promote education for girls in areas of the world where they are deprived. I consider myself so lucky to dream big and be able to work tirelessly at accomplishing what I want in life and I believe that every young girl should have the same chance at earning a quality education and aspiring to be whatever she wants to be. It’s the twenty first century and to think that third world countries in Africa and the Middle East believe that suppressing these girls is ration is simply disgusting to me…Even if I could make a change in these girls’ lives in the smallest way possible, I would feel immensely honored.”

An activist, a determined working-girl, and a face to beat them all, the world better keep an eye on Kirsten Stainer. No matter if it is Jersey or Paris, this tenacious girl is taking on mountains, pushing them to the ends of the earth to uncover the amazing potential everything has to offer. NYU is lucky to have a student like her and in hopes of one day, Vogue lucky enough to have an editor such as herself.