Aija Mayrock: A Red Carpet Beauty

Here at Catwalk, I believe in representation of all the art forms, as they connect through the web of passion and expression. So, to add diversity to this ever-progressive site, it is time to feature the moving model, the actress.

I found this occasion to be rare, as Catwalk is a site to feature the growth and talent in fashion. Yet, fashion can be found in all artforms, especially on the actress. We all flashback to the iconic white dress that Ms. Monroe dawned for us, or Audrey Hepburn’s classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look, and even Ms. Elizabeth Taylor, showing us just how fashionable Cleopatra could really be. In all reality, fashion is what makes movies classics, it is what drives the character of any actor or actress. To be inspired from what one wears, what one feels as they drape through the room in an evening gown to die for. It’s inspiration. Fashion is what inspires the movie industry, it makes the imagery in a director’s head, the fire in the actor’s heart, it’s the base of fantasy. And so, when I first took this feature on, I wondered, how would I relate this to fashion…until I realized, you can’t act without it. So, without further ado, I present the inspiration for this diverse piece, Ms. Aija Mayrock.


Yes, Ms. Mayrock is certainly one of a kind, a true talent. This New York native has proved to be quite the busy girl, taking on projects as an actress, a writer, and so much more that it leaves heads spinning. She uprooted her family from their New York dwelling to spend the past five years in Southern California, chasing her passions. However, as glamorous and beneficial California has been, Ms. Mayrock will be returning to the big city, after being offered a position in the Tisch School of Arts at New York University and for more business. And thankfully, she took time from her chaotic schedule to invite me into her life and her passion before it all goes taking off.

So, to uproot her entire life to move to California must mean that she has been passionate about this career for quite sometime now. “I loved to act and make up stories since I was a baby. But, I didn’t start discovering my craft and working until I moved to California at 14. I had a burning passion and desire to act. So, I started training every weekend with an acting teacher and then fell into my first opportunity.”

The American Dream, a convertible full of luggage, driving down the West Coast with nothing but some talent and a dream…anyways, so what was this coveted first opportunity? “My first acting job was actually when my screenplay was accepted into the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. It was made into a short film and I was collaborating with the director. She asked if I had anyone in mind to play the leading role and I said “How about me?” So that was my first job.”

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, pssh, no biggie. She just happened to win it twice. A talented actress and a writer, oh do tell. “When I was 14, I saw a poster at my school for a screenwriting competition that the SBIFF was having. The deadline was that night. I went home and wrote my first screenplay. I was really lucky to have it accepted. That film wound up winning and being made into a short film. The film was about bullying and it was called “A Heart’s Journey”. The following year I was a finalist for a screenplay I wrote that was a coming of age story titled “Diego”. I also was a finalist for directing (someone else’s script whom I was paired with) and that film was called “Dying with Laughter”.”

Honestly, the talent shines through when Ms. Mayrock can write a winning screenplay in just hours. Purely talented, which must be why she has more ties with the SBIFF and other writing awards. “Other than my 2 screenwriting projects for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, I was actually also the face of the festival in a sizzle reel film that the SBIFF produced. This was filmed this year. So I acted, directed, and wrote this film. It was a life changing experience. Additionally, I have won Gold and Silver Keys from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. I have also done some writing for local magazines and blogs.”

And as for more talent, she has a soon-to-be book. What juicy, insider knowledge can I be let in on? “I can tell you that it is about a particular issue teens deal with. I’ve worked very hard on it and I can’t wait to be able to share it with people. I’ve really been focusing on my book and how I can make the biggest impact with it. But I do have a few other possible projects going on too (there was a smile included after that phrase, just to let you know she’s being a bit coy with us).”

So, with all this success in California, why move back to New York? “I really want to work on continuing to cultivate my craft. NYU Tisch is an incredible school with such wonderful professors. I can’t wait to continue to learn and grow there.”

Well, she will definitely continue to grow as her talent is recognized by the many to see. And, what does she hope to do when she’s known to the world? “I want to give a voice to the voiceless through art. I want to make the biggest impact I can. That is my aspiration.”

Ambitious, talented, and so much more that mere words are not enough to capture the light that Aija Mayrock emanates. A true talent and true sweet talker (she called me awesome, which will really mean something in 5 years when she has a collection of Oscars sitting along her mantel). I’m sure in the very near future you will hear of the name Aija Mayrock and remember that she was destined to be a star. But don’t forget to remember what dress she chooses for the Red Carpet, because I’ll be sure to cover it here.


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