Marvin Funes: Life of Luxury

High fashion, luxurious expenses, aggrandized lifestyles, really, the idea of a life as such collectively tickles the inner mechanisms of all our minds. And as we spend a great deal of time fantasizing about this extravagant life, plotting our way to attain such glory, Mr. Marvin Funes is capturing the scene, bringing our fantasies to view.


How generous of him, right? Yes, the 18 year old photographer has spent years capturing our wildest fantasies, creating incredible photos that grasp truly what luxury, fashion, and royalty encompasses. Studying photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Mr. Funes will hone in on his skills, perfecting his impeccable craft in order to capture the minds and attention of everyone who comes in contact with his creations. So, without further adieu, I am honored to present a fascinating, talented man.

With such a strong, perfectly worded introduction (I take full responsibility for such *wink*), Mr. Funes must have skills that have been expertly crafted for years, maybe even since childhood. He must enlighten us on his life-long passion. “I first started photography in 8th grade, so in 2009; I was 13 years old. The way I started is actually pretty funny. There was this girl I knew through a mutual friend and we didn’t like each other at all. Before I started photography, I was more inclined to drawing and painting, and digital art every now and then- there was always tension between us since she liked doing those things as well and always tried to outshine me. One day she took up photography and started posting pictures on Facebook; I didn’t like them- I thought I could do way better. So, I ended up buying a cheap point-and-shoot camera and started experimenting with different genres of photography; I eventually fell in love with the medium.

A year after that I started specializing in fashion photography. I got myself a DSLR, that I suppose was considered nice at the time. I still use that same camera, the Canon Rebel T1i. It’s pretty outdated and I still only use its 18mm-55mm kit lens, but it gets the job done.”

So, maybe not lifelong passion, but definitely a passion. This passion is exemplified through his vibrant work. With such incredible pieces, he must be noticed by notable companies, I’m sure. “I can’t really say that I’ve worked with anyone “notable.” I’ve only ever worked with clients/talent who are brand new; up-and-coming. The market in the DMV area for fashion isn’t very desirable, in my opinion- it’s in no way comparable to NYC, obviously, so I never really bothered trying to get a lot of work while I was there. But ever since I made the big move from NOVA to NYC on August 1st, I’ve been trying to get my name out there. So far, some notable people I’ve met with are agents with MSA Models and ADAM. I’ve also reached out to the owner of V-Productions- who’s also a photographer and producer with amazing connections; he helped produce the “X Mark Your Spot” campaign for Calvin Klein. I’m currently in the process of trying to become his second shooter, and sending out my work to more modeling agencies to test with them.”

Soon enough, it will come along, that I feel with no uncertainty. Now, as I have said before, Mr. Funes holds a predilection for the extravagant features of life. Is this what captures his inspiration? “I’m mainly inspired by extravagance; I love rich, romantic aesthetics. I like looking at major fashion campaigns, particularly ones for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Versace, and trying to create work that look similar to those but in my own voice. There’s so much attention to detail in those campaigns to make everything look expensive; the composition, the styling, the story, the mood, etc- it’s all perfected. The way the pictures are shot give a lot of depth and movement to them as well, which is something I like doing a lot. I like having a wider angle in my pictures and seeing the model without losing the background- it feels more real and engaging to me.”

Well, with this love of luxury, where does his love fall in his favorite genre of photography? “My favorite type of photography is definitely fashion. I love the fantasy; the luxury. The creative environment and commercial opportunity is something that I’m really drawn to.”

And as well all know, fashion is a world more luxurious and aggrandized as any, which sure makes for some incredible shoots. What has been his favorite shoot he has done so far? “My favorite shoot that I’ve done has got to be the one I did for my friend, Shannon Tate. It was for her senior collection; she needed shots done to create a lookbook and sell at the runway show. We did the shoot in a gorgeous museum called the Anderson House; it was in DC. Every room was so intricate and luxurious. I had studio lights, assistants, a hair and makeup person; I had to coordinate a time with the person that ran the museum for the private shoot- it was probably the most elaborate shoot I’ve done so far since I usually just work with one other person.”

While it may have been elaborate, I’m sure it was an experience that would never be exchanged. I’m sure, though, that his dream shoot hasn’t been accomplished as of yet though, so what exactly would his dream shoot entail? “My dream would be to shoot a big fashion campaign at the Palace of Versailles with a high profile model like Kate Moss, Natasha Poly, or Magdalena Frackowiak, with couture gowns. It’s been done, sure, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. There are a lot of things keeping me from it, like lack of experience, connections, budget, etc., but hopefully one day I’ll get to experience a shoot like that.”

Well with the talent he possesses, I’m sure the dream shoot will be reality in the nearest future. With one ambition revealed, what other fantasies wonder in Mr. Funes’ mind? “I’d love to become a very well established, notable photographer- just like any other photographer would want, I’m sure. I’d love to see my work in Vogue and on billboards throughout major cities. Branching out from photography and getting into modeling would be really nice, too. I always viewed modeling as another form of performance art- I’d absolutely love to walk for fashion houses like Givenchy or Alexander McQueen. Collaborating with designers and creating a fashion line is something I’ve been interested in doing as well. I’ve done a lot of menswear sketches, but I’ve never bothered to do anything with them since I don’t know how to sew.”

Incredible enough that those accomplishments have not been met, yet. But in close time, I’m sure all his aspirations will fall perfectly in place, as I have only met a few with talent that Mr. Funes possesses. So whether you dream of being royalty or already lucky enough to be granted with a life, Mr. Funes will always be there to capture the fantasy that is such.

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