Betts and Chet DeHart: The Lucid Twins

Double the trouble, double the fun, and definitely double the creativity, these two twins are taking on the world together, in style.

Bett, Chett, Jonah

Twins Betts Powell DeHart and Chet Howell DeHart (seen above with partner Jonah Levine) are like your average teenagers, only with their own clothing and footwear company. Yes, these two twins, founders of Lucid Footwear and Clothing (LucidFC), are two, quite extraordinary individuals, soon to be heading to New York City all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. Both the DeHarts, along with Levine, will be studying at the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (LIM) College, where Betts will be studying marketing with an entrepreneur concentration and Chet in fashion merchandising with a retailing concentration. Humorous, talented, and on their way to success, I was lucky enough to be able to get to know these two rising stars.

So, how did LucidFC originate?  “Lucid FC (Lucid Footwear and Clothing) originated back in 2010 when we decided we needed to take advantage of our two powers and gifts! We both loved shoes and clothing! Betts is very good at selling them and Chet is very good at trend spotting. We both design the clothing and footwear. It was absolutely a joint plan, like everything we do. We are close twins!”

Ambitious, I like it. But how did two teenagers from Atlanta know even where to start? “We really did not know where to begin. We began contacting overseas manufactures, but that was very slow. After time, we got a lot of help from brand/store owners and we expanded.”

Eventually, they figured out the tricks of the trade. But, I’m guessing it took a while to learn. How were the early years?“We’ve been around since 2010, but no clothing was actually produced until 2011-2012.  Years and years went into trying to produce shoes, we had two pairs released,  and those two were very, very limited.”

From the looks of it, the DeHarts are two very stylish young men. Does this translate to their products? “We aim towards the streetwear crowd. We want them to take off their depressing, ugly graphic tees and put on a clean respectable top. Maybe it’s a t-shirt or a button down. We also like for all our items to be very open in a sense that any one of any style group could mix it in with their own little style.”

The designs look incredible. All that hard work came from the DeHart’s and their partner, Mr. Jonah Levine. What’s his story? “We met him online when were about 13 or 14 years old. He became involved in 2011-2012, when we needed help naming one of our products. Little did we know, in late 2013, he became a part of the brand. He helps us the same way we help each other. All three of us get along very well! Us three do it all, basically.”

Well, the three entrepreneurs have conquered so much (recognized by their interviews in Mass Appeal and Esquire). What goals could they possibly have for the future? “Our goals at the moment are to keep more in stock, I’m not sure if I should be saying that, but oh well! We want to have it where the customers can buy selected items until the next season is available. We also want to head up to NYC and maintain all of our brand’s personality, but also add more to it.  We have been very minimalistic, timeless, and aesthetic, which is what we want. We are planning on adding more cut-and-sewn items, along with improving our advertisement.”

So much success has been built from the DeHart twins’ hard work, determination, and tenacity, which poses the grand ol’ question: would the dynamic duo ever go solo? “We will never fly solo! The three of us work very well together and all three of us plan on all staying together. We want to do more than just a clothing label. We want to own tea bars, nightclubs, and more!”

And there you have it, the next big twin craze. As of today, the lookbook for the summer season has been released, with the summer selection opening to the public on June 18th. All can be found at their website. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I look forward to what the DeHart’s and Mr. Levine have to offer. They’re leaving their mark on the world, one graphic tee at a time.


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