Montana Anderson: Southern Heartthrob

Sculpted biceps, rock-hard abs, and a face to melt any heart, Montana Anderson is bringing the heat to the south.

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A Cleveland raised boy turned southerner, Montana Anderson is a sight to behold (but with those chiseled biceps, I’m guessing you already knew that). Yes, this now-southern beaut is taking Savannah, Georgia, studying Fashion Design at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and managing to model in his spare time, no big deal. I got to know Mr. Anderson when he took the time out and answered some questions about his oh-so-intensive life.

First things first, he’s a fraud. Who’s this ‘Tyler’ person and why does he have a place in his email? “Tyler is a generic name, Montana is interesting and catches some attention. Plus, it made social media names somewhat easier to come up with!”

Creative, different, definitely useful characteristics in the fashion world, a world that many people aspire to be in. What were his aspirations? “I’ve always aspired to model, but at first, it was a just a whatever dream. But, I always had older people questioning me about it, so I started pursuing even more and now its starting to pay off.”

It certainly is paying off, with jobs becoming more abundant to him each day. What was his first modeling job like? “My first real shoot was for South Magazine, which is based in Savannah, Ga. I wasn’t really nervous, because I’ve shot with the photographer before and I’ve done plenty of test shoots before hand! It was just really exciting to know it was going to be published in a magazine. And actually, some people recognized me from it, while I was at work.”

And with a face like that, who wouldn’t recognize him? Will we be seeing him in any other work, any time soon? “Not at the moment, but things are happening and I might have some in the near future!I’ve done a lot of work with SCAD designers, which is about it.”

Well, with such major success in store for modeling, is there any chance in branching out? “I am a design major, so I want to branch off into creating clothes for people who have my body type: tall and slender, who can’t seem to find clothes at fit properly.”

I think I speak for all when I say that finding clothes that fit properly is like finding the holy grail, so I must commend Mr. Anderson on that. Wow, so much ambition, it’s hard to imagine what type of goals he has for the future. “One of my aspirations with modeling is to inspire others, really. Coming from a small town, I want to show that a dream can come true if you stick with it.”

“Sticking with it” is definitely something that Montana Anderson should do, especially if he hopes to one day work with H&M. But that dream is surely possible with the talent he possesses and the drive he holds. Hats off to you, Mr. Anderson, and my anticipation grows, as does my excitement, to one day see you in brands across the world.


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